The magic cell centre provides stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine services. Stem cells are specialize to renewal and differentiate to other cell type. So these are use for anti ageing infertility, neurology, endocrine, orthopedic, ophthalmology and hormone disease like diabetes.

Beauty of stem cell is no rejections, septicemia and adverse effect,Minimal surgical procedure,Day care procedure,Very economical charges comparison to developed countries,Huge interest of foreigner and NRI, so best option for medical tourism in Asia.

The Magic Cell Therapeutics is a leading cell therapy & regenerative medicine services company that supports the development and commercialization of cellular therapies and stem cell research. The Magic Cell provides cGMP-compliant cell manufacturing and consulting services that address regulatory, financial, technical, process, training and quality system strategies.

Consult Hours :

Monday to Saturday
10am to 1pm & 6pm to 8pm